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Fun Sites

In October, we talked about finding safe sites that are just right for kids (elementary). The internet can be a great place for children to learn and explore and it can also be a dangerous place to learn and explore. We compared websites to field trips. Some places would not be safe places to visit on a field trip. We used the example of going to a construction site with 125 1st graders. While it might be fun to look at, it wouldn’t be safe. In order to make sure students are safe, they should ask a trusted adult about a site before going to it. They should ‘stay with the group’ and stay on the site that is just right for them. They should also let an adult know right away if something seems wrong. We visited two sites that were just right for them – the San Diego Zoo Kids website and the Museum of Modern Art¬†website. Both great resources for students. I may even be a bit addicted to the live cams on the San Diego Zoo website. I love watching the giant panda!

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Safe Youtube

Day Two Conference Fun Tips (well one of them anyway)

So many good videos are posted on youtube


you never know what ads or followup movies will pop up while you are showing them in class.

So here are two sites you can use to safely show youtube videos. The idea is that you copy the link of the youtube video you would like to show and paste it on one of these sites. The site will then give you the opportunity to watch the video safely. It will also give you another url (website address) that you can copy and paste in your address bar. That link will take you to your video without ads or unrelated video clips popping up. This is great if you are creating a resource guide for students and you don’t want to direct them to youtube.